Surgical Products


designed to achieve perfection in different medical and surgical specialties.

ENT, General Surgery, Gynaecology, Plastic surgery, Dermatology


A laser with unlimited possibilities, designed to achieve perfection in different medical and surgical specialties: ENT, General Surgery, Gynaecology, Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, Proctology, Neurosurgery, Aesthetic Medicine (Fractional Rejuvenation), Genital surgery.


The great cutting ability, and the power of coagulation and vaporization of SilklaseTM make of this fractional CO2 laser an extremely versatile multi-application platform, capable of incision, excision, vaporization and ablation of soft tissue virtually without charring. SilklaseTM is indicated for a variety of applications.

  • Multipurpose platform
  • Gynaecological. With GyneScanTM, specifically designed for vaginal rejuvenation. (World patent)
  • Extreme subtlety, precision and repeatability of treatments thanks to the unique fractional scanning technology of MultiScanTM
  • Effective ENT applications: Vocal cord nodules & polyps, Cordectomy, Bronchoscopy, stapedotomy and more
  • High Coagulation power
  • Wide range of accessories and specific handpieces for each application (ENT, colposcope adapter, micromanipulator, etc.)


fractional CO2 laser for the wellness of women’s intimate area
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Perform minimally invasive, gentle, efficient and safe procedures without any incisions or anaesthesia. GynelaseTM vaginal rejuvenation is designed as a therapy with maximum comfort for women. It is a functional and aesthetic vulvo-vaginal laser treatment also used for reconstructive and cosmetic surgery that improves the quality of life of women in which pregnancy, childbirth or menopause have left its trace.

  • Collagen remodelling
  • Fast, In-office procedure
  • Multi-disciplinary versatile upgradeable laser system
  • Random pulse pattern. Safe treatments
  • Other Treatment option with Gynelase:


Syndrome of urinary incontinence (SUI):  continue reading


Vulvo-vaginal cosmetic surgery:  continue reading


Surgical Series 4G multidisciplinary surgical laser

INTERmedic’s MultidiodeTM Surgical Series is a high-performance surgical diode laser with the broadest choice of applications in the market. Its versatility and adaptability make it a multidisciplinary tool ideal for a wide variety of surgical disciplines

MultidiodeTM Surgical Series 4G revolutionizes the practice of laser surgery by its great power of incision, excision, cut, coagulation and vaporization.

ENT surgery and snoring – advanced treatment of snoring and ear-nose-throat diseases.

The system offers an outpatient laser procedure with immediate improvement to eliminate snoring it also achieves good results in the treatment of various other Ear, Nose and Throat diseases.

  • Comfortable and outpatient procedures. Rapid recovery, minimal need for anaesthesia, less pain and postoperative edema.
  • Safe and effective. No bleeding that allows good visibility during procedures. High patient’s satisfaction rate.
  • High precision. It allows for very fine incisions, with better healing and a more harmonious aesthetic result.
  • Versatility. Wide range of applications in laser genital redesign.


630 PDT Photodynamic therapy laser

The photodynamic therapy with MultidiodeTM 630 PDT for minimally invasive treatment using a photosensitizing drug and a light source, which is activated at the specific lesion site to selectively destroy the diseased cells.

MultidiodeTM PDT an innovative multi-application platform for Dermatology and Oncology

  • Minimally invasive and effective treatment method
  • Intralesional or percutaneous treatment (penetration up to 1cm)
  • Selective destruction of the tumour
  • Does not alter adjacent tissue and organs
  • Proven clinical effectiveness



S30 PODYLASTM is a multidisciplinary laser system podiatry allowing the Podiatrist to treat a wide variety of common diseases in his daily practice: from different types of onychomycosis to plantar warts, through intractable plantar Keratosis or bunions, among many others.


The PodylasTM laser beam is applied over the infected toenails, alternating horizontal and vertical passes to make sure that there aren’t any untreated areas left. Laser energy penetrates deep to the nail bed, raising the temperature of deep or superficial fungi without damaging the surrounding skin tissue.

  • Advanced multidisciplinary system
  • Different treatment modes: For multiple clinical applications
  • Extremely easy to use, simple and intuitive
  • Different handpieces according to treatment