Laser and light technology solutions

Medilase is the exclusive distributor of Intermedic laser systems in Southern Africa. 

Intermedic specialize in CO2 & Diode lasers for the use in ENT, Gynaecology, Podiatry, General Surgery and more.


By choosing leading aesthetic solutions from Medilase, you prioritize patient safety, comfort and satisfaction.

Intermedic, a quality driven Spanish company, offers high performance, multi-application systems which allows the surgeon the versatility to choose the right treatment for each patient. 


Medilase offers surgical devices that minimize recovery time as well as reduce the number of treatments required to achieve the ultimate results.

Surgical Products

Innovative medical systems,
based on the most advanced laser technology
for a wide range of medical applications.

INTERmedic Products

Surgical Treatments

INTERmedic offers a variety of medical procedures (Gynaecology/Urology/Vascular/Surgical/Aesthetic/ENT) comfortable for patients and easy to apply by the physician.

INTERmedic Treatments

Vaginal Rejuvenation Stress Urinary Incontinence Women’s Wellness Femilift Acupulse UltraPulse Monalisa ALMA  Best Lasers ENT Snoring Leukoplakia Nasal polyps Podiatry Laser supplier SUI 630nm Laser PDT Prolapse Micromanipulator Basal-Cell Carcinoma Basalioma Skin Tumours Vaginal laser rejuvenation Onychomycosis Plantar Warts Harmony XL Pro AcuPulse Genital