Hand Hygiene Matters




Hand-In-Scan provides technology-based, quality assured hand hygiene education and control – leading to a safer and more efficient operation in areas of vital importance, such as healthcare, food industry, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals. Fostering technology-induced behavioural change in hand hygiene saves lives on a global scale.

Hand-in-Scan as a concept has been recognized by receiving various prestigious awards and being recognised by a number of organizations.


Hand hygiene training is a challenge to teach perfect hand hygiene to everyone.   Our solution is the Semmelweis Scanner, suitable for medical teaching universities, hospitals, nursing homes or private healthcare centres.  Prevention starts with good practice: Semmelweis Scanner is an innovative device that is able to provide immediate quality-assured feedback on hand hygiene.

Semmelweis Scanner can effectively teach and control hand rubbing by providing objective feedback based on digital imaging technology. Such presentation of personal results is essential for proper improvement of skills and technique. With its online reporting system, the Semmelweis Scanner helps to significantly improve hand hygiene practices. The scanner is a great example how technology can induce a positive behavioural change. 

The Semmelweis Scanner is powered by the innovative HandInScan technology, which was tested in several hospitals.  Even in high-class hospitals, the chance of contacting healthcare-associated infections (HAI) is still globally unacceptably high (7%+), however, this number can be significantly reduced with proper hand hygiene.

Visitors can bring germs to hospitals and usually do not have any hand hygiene training.  The Semmelweis Scanner can educate the correct hand hygiene practice to visitors without involving hospital human resources.

Our Reporting System is a personalized IT dashboard, providing statistics about hand hygiene status and progress. This feature plays a key role in the long-term study of hand hygiene program development at institutional and department level. Using Semmelweis Scanner, it is possible to give a scientifically thorough assessment of each shift, staff or age group’s hand hygiene behavioural pattern.

HandInScan is a Hungarian health-tech company focusing on the prevention of healthcare-associated infections (HAI), control of outbreaks and biological contamination.


Semmelweis Hand-In-Scanner Strengths:

  • Improves the hand hygiene technique
  • Supports participation in hand hygiene
  • Can help manage risks by statistical analysis and automatization
  • Empowers communication towards hospital management and departments
  • Can be build-up modularly, at reasonable expenses
  • Supports outbreak management