the first and only combined dual UVC
and Ozone Disinfection System



Mobile tower – the first and only combined dual UVC and Ozone Disinfection System. The design and technology of the COMVAT DUO3 system is based on independent international clinical studies that show the benefits of the use of UVC and Ozone for disinfection.

Disinfection is a permanent problem.  Multiple studies have shown that less than 50% of room surfaces in hospitals are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected when chemical germicides are used.  Hospitals, operating rooms clinics, health centres, residences, businesses and other sanitary spaces need to strengthen their disinfection and virus inactivation strategy.


Automated devices for the disinfection of spaces through germicidal light and/or ozone have demonstrated superior decontamination in surfaces and other objects.

COMVAT DUO3 system combines UVC and Ozone Disinfection.  The system can be used independently or sequentially for the inactivation of viruses, bacteria and fungi in a safe and controlled way, from surfaces and environments, and limits the chain of transmission.


  • Easy to move. Multi-directional wheels
  • Automated. Remote controlled
  • Dimensions: 50 x 50 x 160cm. Weight 50kg
  • The maximum area to disinfect is 50-60m2 with a single use. Larger areas can be done in partial cycles
  • The system is safely operated via a tablet, which requires no special training, or manually from the panel’s device
  • A tablet can control up to seven systems. The protocols for up to 25 areas can be programmed into the tablet

COMVAT DUO3 allows you to choose three disinfection modes COMVAT DUO3 based on the existing level of contamination, viral load and time available.

  • UVC Mode (Light Disinfection) – Disinfection for frequent use between patients (6 – 11 minutes)
  • O3 Mode (Ozone Disinfection) – Thorough disinfection one-time use (50 min)
  • 360 Shadowless Mode (UVC and Ozone Disinfection) – Rigorous disinfection. With the 360 Shadowless mode, the user obtains a full disinfection process of the most difficult spaces, compensating for any small shadow or low exposure area to the UVC light. This mode is recommended for high-risk spaces and hidden corners (6-11 min + 50 min)

Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) at a wavelength of 254nm, has been clinically shown to inactivate microorganisms,
by destroying their ability to reproduce by causing photochemical changes in their nucleic acids (DNA and RNA). 

Ozone used in low concentrations is a powerful disinfectant against viruses in air.


The combined action of UVC and Ozone with the COMVAT DUO3 system, gives you a triple layer of security
(presence detection, ozone sensor and alarm, acoustic and optical) which is safe and extremely effective.

The system is CE marked for Room Disinfection.